7 Top Personal Alarms for the Elderly [2023 Update]

Best personal alarm for elderly

Personal alarms for the elderly are one of the best ways of keeping our loved ones independent but also safe. Knowing that our elderly relatives are safe but have access to an alarm if the worst happens is a great way to give yourself peace of mind.

I remember my grandmother falling in her bedroom and even though she lived with my parents, the walls were very thick and she was calling out for 15 mins before my mother heard her. Needless to say our google searches for “Best personal alarm for the elderly” went through the roof immediately.

As more and more of the population are aging in place there is a big need for personal alarms for the elderly in today’s society so I’ve compiled this resource of some of the best products on the market today

Personal Alarms For The Elderly

Age UK

Age UK Elderly Alarm Bracelet

Age UK is one of the leading charities in the UK that also offer a personal alarm for the elderly. It is worn around the neck or the wrist and with an easy touch button that when pressed calls a 24-hour emergency line so they can get help if they’ve had an accident when on their own.

Independence when they want it, help when they need it

Age UK elderly personal alarms

It’s such a great message. Keeping a senior independent is key for your loved one but most do appreciate that things can go wrong and they accept having a personal alarm so they can easily call for help if needed

The Age UK personal alarm has many features:

  • Quick and easy to install and use
  • There are two options of a Self connect version and a We-Connect one
  • There is an option to save £99 if the self -connect option is taken and you set it up yourself
  • The ongoing payments include the 24-hour monitoring service
  • To activate the alarm is as simple as a press of a button so there are no telephones to remember.
  • Age UK answer all calls within seconds so your loved one can get the help they need quickly
  • Works in the home and also in the garden up to 75 metres

The personal alarms for the elderly options are as follows (Last checked March 2020):

OptionCost breakdownWhat you pay todayOngoing monthly charge
Self-Connect£16.48 – Initial monthly charge
£69.00 – Delivery and account set up (one-off fee)
(+£17.10 VAT)
(+£3.30 VAT)
We-Connect£16.48 – Initial monthly charge
£168.00 – Delivery, installation and account set up (one-off fee)
(+£36.90 VAT)
(+£3.30 VAT)

Note that we have listed the VAT separately as a lot of people will not pay the VAT due to health reasons. Click here to find out if your personal alarm is VAT exempt


SureSafe pendant alarms for the elderly offer a few good features that you might be looking for.

SureSafeGO 24/7 Connect ‘Anywhere’ Alarm

The SuresafeGO 24/7 personal alarm is monitored 24/7 and also includes a GPS tracker so you can monitor their location. It is a great option to provide protection both in the home and also while out and about.

The GPS tracker gives complete independence to a senior citizen to keep enjoying what they love, be it shopping, walking fishing etc but also feel safe in the knowledge that they can get assistance if it is needed.

The SuresafeGO is small, lightweight to carry and easy to operate. It does not need a landline as it incorporates a Mobile SIM card that uses all the major mobile phone networks so will always have the best network signal possible. There is no setup required it works straight out of the box.

SureSafeGO is directly connected to a response centre where all calls are answered 24/7. The response centre is filled with highly trained operatives who can talk to the wearer and also locate them vias the GPS tracker

The Suresafe personal alarms for the elderly cost is detailed below (Last checked March 2020)

OptionCost breakdownWhat you pay todayOngoing monthly charge
SuresafeGO£149.95 + £29.99 VAT (90% + of customers do not pay VAT).£149.95
(+ £29.99 VAT)

LifeLine 24

Lifeline 24 is a national personal alarm provider with a low-cost pendant alarm service for the elderly and disabled.

They offer a wider range of products and solutions that vary in price but are all designed to help the elderly stay safe in their home while aging in place.

Like all the other providers the Lifeline 24 options are small and easy to wear on either the wrist or around the neck. A simple button press can raise an alarm to the monitoring service when needed.

The monitoring centre operative can have a two way conversation with a senior citizen through the base station and can then get either a friend or family or emergency service to attend as needed

Lifeline 24 Personal alarms for the Elderly pricing is as follows (Last checked March 2020):

OptionsCost breakdownWhat you pay todayOngoing monthly charge
Monthly Plan£35 (+VAT) – Setup Charge
£12.49 (+VAT) – Monthly Fee
Annual Plan£154 (+VAT) – Includes Setup Charge£154.00
Fall Detector£224 (+VAT) – Includes Setup Charge£224.00 (+VAT)£0.00

Telecare 24

Telecare 24 Elderly Alarm Bracelet

Telecare 24 specialises in elderly alarm bracelets. They are a UK based careline service designed to help the elderly stay safe in their home while aging in place.

Telecare 24 offers a wide range of senior personal alarms that are waterproof, wireless personal alarms linked directly to a response centre that can provide immediate assistance to your loved ones at times of emergency.

Telecare 24 wireless personal alarms are easy to use and operated with a simple click of the button on the pendant. They will then be immediately connected with a trained operative who can help them through their emergency. That may be simply talking to them calmly all the way up to getting emergency services to attend and assist them.

With one of the most responsive services, Telecare 24 is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of personal alarms for the elderly.

Their pricing is as follows:

OptionsCost breakdownWhat you pay todayOngoing monthly charge
Pendant Alarm Plan£45 (+VAT) – Setup Charge
£120.00 (+VAT) – Annual Fee
Fall Alarm Plan£45 (+VAT) – Includes Setup Charge
£190.00 (+VAT) – Annual Fee
Buddi GPS Plan£45 (+VAT) – Initial Setup Charge
£220 (+VAT) – Annual Fee
£22 (+VAT) – Monthly Fee
£265.00 (+VAT)£22.00

Saga SOS Alarms

Saga provides personal alarms for the elderly through a subscription service in the UK

The Saga SOS alarms are a very affordable way to keep seniors safe in their home if they are aging in place. It allows them the ability to get instant help when alone and they need it plus they will keep nominated family members informed of any incidents.

7 Top Personal Alarms for the Elderly [2023 Update] - saga sos personal alarm for the elderly

It is a service designed around giving peace of mind to you that your loved ones are safe even when you are not with them.

Saga SOS Alarms is a subscription service providing personal alarms for the elderly in the UK. 

A Saga personal alarm enables your loved ones to get instant help when they need it, and we will always keep the nominated family members informed should anything happen to them. Our aim is to provide you with total reassurance that we will be there for your loved ones regardless of how big or small their issue is.

Like the other solutions, the Saga SOS alarms for the elderly can be activated by pressing a panic button and then they will be instantly connected to Saga’s response team who will then contact a family member. 

Pricing for Saga SOS alarms (Last Checked March 2020):

OptionsCost breakdownWhat you pay todayOngoing monthly charge
SOS Alarm£15.95 (+VAT) – Monthly Fee£0.00£15.95 (+VAT)
SOS Alarm with installation£15.95 (+VAT) – Monthly Fee
£99.00 (+VAT) – Installation Charge
£15.95 (+VAT)


Helpline is one of the oldest providers for personal alarms for the elderly and has a fantastic reputation for their customer service and how they handle their care calls.

Helpline Personal Alarm For The Elderly

They seem to genuinely care about keeping elderly people safe in their home and if you are concerned about your elderly parents being home alone and experiencing a fall then maybe one of the personal alarms from helpline could be for you.

With a 24/7 care line open that offers a range of services and personal alarms for the elderly including things like a double pendant system if both your parents are aging in place.

They are a little cagey about pricing on their website but it looks like prices start from about £20 per month


Buddi Personal Alarm For The Elderly

Buddi is not just a personal alarm for the elderly but for anyone who needs it including the disabled.

Founded in 2005 they have stylish bands that incorporate both panic buttons and fall sensors.

If your loved one is quite tech savvy then this can be a good option as it can be linked to a smartphone and alerts can be cancelled if they are by accident.

Prices range and they offer a weekly subscription service to the 24/7 response centre:

Bands start at £99, 24/7 response centre is £3.99 per week (Last checked March 2020).

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